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2020 MineVision – Geological and Mining Software Systems

The “Gold Standard” in Accurate Volumetric Calculations for Ore Bodies

“Developed by Miners for Miners”

2020 MineVision leads the way in Mining Software Systems and Services allowing you to easily and rapidly evaluate your projects potential, taking you from an exploration start-up, through mine design and full operational management.

2020 MineVision Software Systems and Services provides the tools for exploration and mining professionals to carry out their tasks with ease and accuracy, ensuring they can fully evaluate their ore deposit data, complete both open pit and underground mine designs as well as reconcile mining operations using the latest in modularized tools in the areas of:

  • Geological Data Management;
  • Geological Modelling and Assessment – Open Pit and Underground;
  • Geotechnical Modelling and Assessment;
  • The most accurate volumetric calculations available in the industry today;
  • Optimization – Open Pit and Underground;
  • Mine Design – Open Pit and Underground;
  • Blast Design – Open Pit and Underground;
  • Mine Scheduling – Open Pit and Underground;
  • Mine Dewatering Modelling;
  • Hydrogeology/Environmental Modelling and Management;
  • Tenement Management; and
  • Much More.
Wireframed Ore Deposit

As your Operation evolves 2020 MineVision Software and Services is able to provide what you need when you need it, as we are at the cut edge technologically.


Intuitive – (Uses a very straight forward and logical approach to carry out tasks);
Load, View and Manipulate more than one Drillhole Database at one time;
GIS Multiple Layering Capability;
Geological Modelling of any Ore Deposit Type;
Mine Scheduler in 2D and 3D (Generates scheduled volume/grade reports of scheduled mining blocks);
Integrates with most Mine Tracking Systems;
Civil Design Capability; and
Software Tailoring, specific to our clients’ needs.


  • Geological Data Management – 2020 DataVision;
  • Geological Modelling for all deposit types and environments;
  • Geochemical Modelling and Assessment;
  • Geotechnical Assessment;
  • Hydrogeology – 2020 HydroVision;
  • Exploration and Mining Survey: Design, Set-outs and Pickups.

Mining Engineering

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility; Open Pit Optimization; Stope Optimization;
  • Mining Economics and Finance;
  • Mining Risk Assessment;
  • Mine Planning and Design – Open Pit, Advancing Wall, Underground;
  • Mine Scheduling – 2020 MineShed;
  • Mine Closure.

Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Management;
  • Environmental Risk Assessment;
  • Environmental Compliance Reporting;
  • Tenement Boundary Compliance Management.

2020 MineVision is a world leader in Exploration and Mining Software Systems and Consultancy Services. We can assist you in evaluating your projects potential and can help take you from a exploration start-up, through mine design and full operational management.

From Exploration to Mining 2020 MineVision Software Systems and Services Leads the Way

For All Deposit Types and Environment



Consultancy Services

2020 MineVision Consulting Services include:

  • Geological, Mining Engineering, Environmental, Civil, Electrical,
  • Project and Tenement Management Services.
  • Geological “Exploration to JORC, SAMREC and NI 43 101 Resource Reporting;
  • Mine Planning and Design including JORC, SAMREC and NI 43 101
  • Reserve Report; Environmental Management;
  • Tenement Management;
  • Mine Closure; and
  • Total Project Management – A Turn Key Service.

By partnering with clients, forming strategic alliances we are able to assist our clients in reaching their goals and beyond.

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