2020 CoreVision

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2020 CoreVision

2020 CoreVision is the latest innovation and advancement in core logging technology that is both affordable and applicable, designed to assist the geologist in evaluating core as well as speed up the process.

2020 CoreVision is not aimed at replace the geologist but designed to assist the geologist in their understanding of a deposit. 2020 CoreVision is able to log core rapidly and evaluating both the rock type and structural features, providing an oriented data set that can be loaded directly into any mining database or software package, all within a short span of time (once core has been laid out). The process can be complied rapidly and onsite providing the geologist the opportunity to update conceptual models in a timely and effective manner.

2020 Corelogger is operationally easy to use and very cost effective and affordable for exploration and mining groups alike. 2020 CoreVision is the latest geological core logging advancement from SiamOz Industries the world leaders in mining technology development.

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