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2020 MineVision and SiamOz Mining Services

An Industry 4.0. Company

2020 MineVision and SiamOz Mining Consulting Services take a holistic, sustainable, and scalable approach in line with Industry 4.0.

2020 MineVision Business Motto – “Provide Clients with the Best Support in all aspects of their Business”

We add value to our clients’ projects by delivering expert advice and practical technologically advanced solutions.

We are able to offer a truly global perspective to our clients having consultants based in all key geographic regions globally.


We employ world-leading specialists knowledgeable in all types of environments and commodities.


We worked on some of the world’s biggest and most challenging projects and are able provide consulting services across the complete natural resource and civil sectors including the mining life cycle from exploration through development and operations to closure.

Impartiality and Independence

Being 100% privately owned, we are able to provide truly Impartial and Independence assessments and advice to our clients and financial institutions.

Due Diligence

Our project reviews and due diligence focus on the areas of highest risk.


Our multidisciplinary teams embrace new technologies and methodologies to provide innovative solutions for our clients.


We are able to quickly mobilize teams to fulfil diverse, specialized technical requirements around the world.


Our reports and recommendations carry considerable weight with financiers, regulators, stock exchanges, joint venture partners, and banks.


We are committed to building and maintaining strong associations with other professionals and organizations.

Technology and Innovation

We are committed to advancing the mining sector through Innovation and the development of cutting edge Technology.

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2020 MineVision and SiamOz Mining Services

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