Exploration Guide Book

2020 MineVision

Exploration Geologists Guide Book 

18 of the Best

The Wisdom of Time

  1. Always set out to find an ore deposit;
  2. Hunt for ore deposits not mineralization;
  3. Don’t worry about who explored there or why they quit;
  4. Remember good groundwork is a must;
  5. Quality Mapping is a must;
    • Map old workings;
    • Map alluvial workings;
    • Map the alteration;
  6. Never ignore the geo-chemistry but never trust it;
  7. Follow the ore;
  8. If you are looking for ore deposits the best guide there is; “is a mine'”
  9. If the theory does not fit go with the facts;
  10. Go for the altered and vuggy rocks;
  11. Sample the best stuff;
  12. If is rusted or weathered  sample it;
  13. If it looks different sample it;
  14. Always drill for ore not mineralization;
  15. Drill holes make ore deposits;
  16. Remember there are still plenty of big good quality deposits out cropping at surface;
  17. Always remember why you are there and that is to find an ore deposit; and
  18. Never say Never.

By Seldon Mart 2020 MineVision

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