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2020 MineVision and SiamOz Mining Services

Our Services

Ore Deposit Exploration;
Mining Geology;
Geochemical & Geometallurgical Studies; Geological and Environmental Database;
Hydrology, Hydrogeology & Water Management;
Tenement Map Services & Downloads.

Why Choose 2020 MineVision and SiamOz Mining Services

2020 MineVision and SiamOz are the global leaders in the provision of resource estimation and assessment for most commodities.

We have experience in most commodities and can assist clients of any size, from exploration companies reporting their maiden resource estimate to that of majors.
Every project we work on encompasses a practical, hands on approach, fully integrated with other key disciplines, so you receive fit for purpose models to support mine planning.

Our Range of Services Include;

  • Sampling and data reviews.
  • Geological modelling (explicit and implicit).
  • Statistical and geostatistical studies.
  • Grade estimation (linear and non-linear) and validation.
  • Conditional simulation.
  • Geometallurgy.
  • Resource/Reserve classification.
  • Preparation of technical reports are of the highest standard and compliant with all international reporting codes.

We Provide

Diverse Range of Specialists

We have a network of geoscientists, mining engineers and environmentalists worldwide, ready to advise on all aspects from exploration through to mining.

Collaborative Approach

We collaborate to determine how the deposit has formed, and what is controlling the mineralization to establish the best approach.

Comprehensive Research

Our team critically reviews existing drill hole and sample data to ensure a clear understanding of the quality of the input data.

International Knowledge

Our expertise in mining techniques and mining economics was cultivated by extensive international experience in a wide range of commodities and mining methods.

Hands-On Experience

Estimates of resources are based on a thorough geological understanding, practical mine-site experience, and current industry best practice.

Sampling and Data Reviews

  • Gap analysis
  • QA/QC audits

Geological Modelling

  • Explicit and Implicit

Statistical and Geostatistical Studies

  • Exploration Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Variography
  • Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis
  • Drill hole spacing analysis

Grade Estimation and Simulation

  • Linear estimation
  • Non-linear estimation
  • Conditional simulation

Mineral Resource Reporting

  • JORC
  • 43-101
  • All international reporting codes
  • Competent Person and Qualified Person sign-off

Mineral Exploration

Satellite Mineral Exploration;
Ore Deposit Exploration Targeting;
Remote Sensing and Geophysics;
Exploration Geochemistry;
Field Structural Analysis; Mineral Exploration Project Planning;
Exploration Sampling, Analysis, and QA/QC;
Mineral Exploration Field Services; and
Exploration Project Audit and Valuation; and
Resource Estimations.

Our mineral resource models are developed using an integrated approach, drawing on our specialists and international experts.

Mine Geology Services

  • Sampling and Data Reviews;
  • Geological Modelling;
  • Statistical and Geostatistical Studies;
  • Grade Estimation and Simulation;
  • Ore recovery and dilution control;
  • Mineral Resource Reporting;
  • Mining Geology (Open Pit and Underground);
  • Operational assistance;
  • Gap analysis;
  • Due Diligence and Audit; and
  • Training.

Our Specialists Team can also Assist With

  • Drill hole spacing assessments;
  • Audits and due diligence;
  • Compiling historical datasets into 3D environments;
  • Competent Person (CP) and Qualified Person (QP) sign-off for public reports; and
  • Training in Mining Geology Processes and Resource Estimation.

Resource/Reserve Evaluation

Structural Geology;
3D Geological Modelling (Explicit and Implicit);
Mineral Resource Estimation (JORC, SAMREC and NI 43 101); and
Mine Site Operational Assistance.

Quality Geological Modelling

Our mineral resource/reserve models are developed using an integrated approach, drawing on our specialists and international experts.

SiamOz’s Resource Specialists operate a range of software enabling us to prepare resource estimates for almost every style of mineralization, under all international reporting codes, in your prefer format, however our main package is: 2020 MineVision (the world’s leading geological and mining engineering package).

Our geological specialists take the time to understand the deposit geology at your site, and know that deposits can be complicated, and that density, grade and recovery characteristics are critical. We build 3D geological models to support resource estimation, integrating geology, grade control and geometallurgy to support meaningful mine planning, critical to optimize financial outcomes of your project.

We can prepare resource/reserve estimates for almost every style of mineralization, under all international reporting codes, using the software you prefer.

Our Projects

We are currently working on a number of projects providing that require a multi disciplinary solution.