Technology and Innovation

SiamOz is committed to advancing the mining sector through Innovation and the development of cutting edge Technology “2020 MineVision”.

Technology and Innovation

  • Improving the overall performance of ore deposits by providing cutting edge Geological and Mining Design software “2020 MineVision”.
  • Developing the world’s leading Satellite Exploration Technology.
  • 2020 MineVision is providing miners enhanced environmental modelling capability thus helping to minimize their environmental impacts.
  • Reviewing the mining of redundant waste disposal sites.

Contact Us

SiamOz Mineral Services

Thailand “Head Office”

Sutthada Ruksanam “Sue” CEO and Co-founder
115, Village No. 15, Tha Khon Yang Sub-district, Kantharawichai District, Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand 44150
Ph: +6693505948


Seldon Mart Technical Director and Co-founder
9 – 40 Victoria Street, Midland, Western Australia, Australia 6056
Ph: +61427212794 or +610447094189
Email: or Skype: seldon.ims

North, South and Central America

Jim Steel MBA P.Geo. Country Manager
Phone +1 905 781 7270
Email: or Skype: jim.steel26


Mr. Abdul Hannan: Country Manager
Ph: +923454461558

Mr.Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Minhas: Geological Consultant

Ph: +923157458698


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