Specialist Services

Global Specialist Services in the following areas:

Geology: Expertise in Geological Work Place Safely, Global mining and exploration experience covering a diverse range of commodities and environments. Expertise in:

Exploration Strategy formulation, programme design and planning, technical assessments, mineral resource technical audits and reviews.

Resource Modelling, Mining Design and Management including programme design and planning, technical assessments, mineral resource and reserve technical audits and reviews as well as Global Financial Fesource Modelling.

Petroleum Geology: Petroleum Geology within the Pakistan, India sub-continent and South Central Africa.

Geotechnical Engineering: Expertise in Geotechnical Engineering Work Place Safely, Geotechnical Assesment Engineering Design and reporting for both open cut and underground as well as civil construction including: Subsurface probing, logging, sampling and testing, Site classification for residential, commercial and industrial, Mining infrastructures and various construction, Geotechnical design parameters, data analysis, assessment, Ground improvement techniques, Bridge investigations, Wind classification and Level 1 and 2 supervision for land development, road construction
Compaction testing and certification.

Mining Engineering: Expertise in Mining Engineering Work Place Safely, Mine Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence and Project Reviews, Mining Economics and Finance, Mining Risk Assessment, Mining Viability Studies, Mine Planning and Design, Mine Closure and Technical Reporting to International Mining Codes. Turn Key Project Management from startup to closure.

Electrical Engineering: Expertise in Electrical Engineering Work Place Safely, High Voltage and Low Voltage Energy Systems, Power Engineering, Microelectronics, Systems and Control, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems Design, Nuclear Engineering, and Space Systems Engineering.

Wind farm technological design and installation as well as Smart Power technology.

Environmental Management: Global Environmental Management and Hydrogeology studues including Surface Water Assessment and Management, PEAs, Scoping Studies, EIAs, Feasibility Studies Permitting, Preliminary Project Options, Mine Development, GAP Analysis, Mitigation studies and management as well as Environmental Site Contamination Evaluation and Assessment.

Hydrogeology: We deliver both civil and mine water management services to established and new operations around the world. We offer a tailored site specific solutions as every site has its own specific set of challenges. Our team of hydrogeologists, hydrologists and geotechnical engineers develop efficient and practical solutions tailored to the key issues facing your mine site. We handle all elements of your mine water management, from collecting initial pre-mining baseline data to ensuring regulatory compliance for both surface water and groundwater aspects. Mine dewatering and wall depressurization are one of the cornerstones of safe mining and it requires specialists to address the key issues surround such work.