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Combining the latest Technology with Traditional Thinking to Find the Next Generation of Discoveries!

Just as commercial manned space flight has progressed by leaps and bound in the last few years so to has Satellite based Geophysical Technology, its time for New and Innovative Thinking” J. Harris – Chief Geologist

If you want to Locate the Next Generation of Mineral Deposits/Discoveries:

  • Quickly;
  • Efficiently; and at a
  • Low Cost per Tonne/per Vertical Metre.

Then you need to have us carry out the latest in Geophysical TechnologySatellite-based Aster Thermal Imagery” over your target area.

For a low base cost we are able to provide you with the 16 Most Prevalent Minerals over a 60 km by 60 km area, accurate to within 10 metres and down to a vertical depth of 500 metres (if you want more than 16 minerals we are able to do over 350)


SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership in conjunction with its business associates has been set up to commercialize specific mathematical algorithms in the context of satellite-based Aster Thermal Imagery by Spectral Analysis, as well as electromagnetic conductivity (EM) analysis based on Synthetic Aperture Radar. Both offer excellent integration with traditional exploration methodologies to accelerate mineral exploration.

Epidote Endmember

Spectral Analysis (LWIR)

SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership offers a bespoke proprietary spectral analysis of the most abundant spectral endmember/minerals on mining properties. Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) analysis, through proprietary processing of Aster satellite data using a proprietary sorting algorithm to stitch Aster scenes together, leaving out cloud and cloud shadow in conjunction with spectral quantification of Aster thermal data will be used to map or identify mineral distribution (Endmembers) over the area chosen. The ground-penetrating nature of infrared radiation in the long-wave bands and the emissive properties of minerals allows for sixteen (16) spectral LWIR endmembers to be derived for the survey area from outcrops, shallow cover and beneath vegetation.

For the Long Wave Infrared survey the minimum resolvable unit (pixel) is 90m x 90m. If Short Wave Infrared is used, the minimum resolvable distance is 30m x 30m. Satellite revisit time to a particular area is about two weeks, giving a digital reference time series for any physical point. Historical spectral analysis surveys are available for Long Wave Infrared to the present day and Short Wave Infrared to 2008.

Some of the minerals and elements that have been used in previous Spectral Analysis surveys include: alunite, breccia, quartz, and kaolinite for epithermal gold deposits; augite, epidote, and goethite for host rocks in which volcanogenic massive sulphides and base metals deposits are found; pyrrhotite and pyrite for nickel and copper deposits; and monticellite for diamond deposits. Other searches can be made subsequent to the initial search to define specific deposit-type minerals.

The price of SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership spectral analysis surveys is usually a very small fraction of achieving similar results using traditional exploration methodologies.

Synthetic Aperture Radar

The Synthetic Aperture Radar (“SAR”) is sourced from different satellites than the Spectral Analysis. A microwave is transmitted in either horizontal or vertical polarization. Return backscatter is collected in both polarizations and can be used, with SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership proprietary algorithms, to estimate the dielectric constants for reflective bodies on the surface and thus infer likely conductive minerals present within the relevant deposit model.

It differs from airborne Electromagnetic (“EM”) surveys in that it does not have a significant depth penetration, as airborne EM surveys may have, but shows on surface where potential anomalies lie with specific mineral constituents, something airborne EM surveys cannot do.

Like SiamOz Industries Limited Partnerships’ Spectral Analysis, the Synthetic Aperture Radar is completely confidential and does not require a ground presence to execute. On a cost basis, the SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership SAR survey averages 1/10th of the cost of traditional helicopter-borne or airplane-borne EM surveys.

Link to Satellite Mineral Exploration Presentation:

SiamOz Satellite Mineral Exploration Projects

SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership and affiliated parties have conducted both Spectral Analysis (LWIR) Surveys and/or SAR Surveys over a number of regions globally. Listed below are a few of the areas covered:

  1. Industrial minerals, Bancroft area, Ontario
  2. Base metals and precious metals, Marathon area, Ontario
  3. Base metals and precious metals, Wawa area, Ontario
  4. Base metals, Sault Ste. Marie area, Ontario
  5. Base metals Sioux Narrows area, Ontario
  6. Base metals and precious metals James Bay area, Quebec
  7. Emeralds, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  8. Precious metals, South Bolivar, Colombia
  9. Base and precious metals, Greenland
  10. Iron Ore, Western Australia
  11. Precious metals, Indonesia
  12. Precious metals, Ghana

SiamOz Industries Limited Partnership and affiliated parties have submitted Proposals for coverage and are in various stages of negotiation for the following areas:

  1. Ghana
  2. Guyana (Cuyuni-Mazaruni and Potaro-Siparuni)
  3. Timor Leste (East Timor)
  4. Sulawesi, Indonesia
  5. Chile (Region II)

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